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AH! Emily and Stewart are THE most endearing human beings, I’m convinced. I just love y’all a lot. you care for each other so well & getting to hang out with you was so refreshing. can’t wait for the times to come with the soon-to-be DOKE’S !!!


jenni & tyler are a BLAST. not only did they get up in the middle of the night to drive to the mountains for sunrise.. they did it with a smile on their face and breakfast afterward. so excited to continue to celebrate them and capture their wedding week… in cancun! … can I say they are a blast again?



love these two! love christmas. love christmas trees. love love.


I had so much fun in the bright sun with kate & brian. if I could share all the pictures from this day, I would. they are the sweetest pair. I can’t wait to continue celebrating them!


OK y’all. Daniel & Claire. just looking at pictures of them makes me feel happy. I love these two so very much. here are just a few up from our adventures. (ps if you see little white flakes scattered through these pictures, it’s because it was lightly snowing! magical.)