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I can’t even handle how sweet these darlings are! They are so generous at heart it’s unreal.

We went on some crazy adventures together. Ventured through swamp, bugs, storms, and got stranded at the top of a mountain for a long time with our keys in the car, no cell service, and semi broke into a house… then almost lost the dog that lived there. Eventually we got rescued and now we are a whole new level of friends. I love you two so much! I’m so excited for your marriage and future together!:)



AH! Emily and Stewart are THE most endearing human beings, I’m convinced. I just love y’all a lot. you care for each other so well & getting to hang out with you was so refreshing. can’t wait for the times to come with the soon-to-be DOKE’S !!!


love these two! love christmas. love christmas trees. love love.


I had so much fun in the bright sun with kate & brian. if I could share all the pictures from this day, I would. they are the sweetest pair. I can’t wait to continue celebrating them!


OK y’all. Daniel & Claire. just looking at pictures of them makes me feel happy. I love these two so very much. here are just a few up from our adventures. (ps if you see little white flakes scattered through these pictures, it’s because it was lightly snowing! magical.)