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I was so honored to get to go to New York and take Rachel & Brian’s engagements!! First of all, they are the most adorable people as is, but put them together in charming, fall central park and I can’t even handle it. Their love is the best kind of simple. Brian, you are so thoughtful of others and I can tell how well you cherish Rachel even just by the time we got over the weekend. Rachel, you put others before yourself and love people so well. Your joy is contagious and it draws people toward you. I’m glad I met you my awkward freshmen year and you made me be a Pi Phi. I can’t wait for y’alls Houston wedding. So so good. & I can’t wait to give you all the rest of the pictures! Here’s a few for the time being. love love y’all.


We definitely went on a little hike for these! Here are a few from the shoot.