Daniel + Carolyn

Okay. So Daniel and Carolyn are the dearest of friends to me. Carolyn, is a faithful woman of prayer. She seeks God first in all that she does and bestows honor on others with encouragement. Daniel seeks out the good of others before himself so evidently. People are drawn into community because Daniel takes genuine interest in the good of others. It’s so refreshing to see the joy they have in each other’s company. Thank y’all for being such a good example to me and thank you for your friendship. The Lord has used you in more ways than you know and I’m so excited to see how He continues to use y’all in your marriage. Can’t wait to celebrate on your wedding dayyyy! Cheers!

July 15, 2012 - 7:38 pm

Debbie Thompson - These are fabulous, and I long to see you !!!!!

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