JotStory Launch Party

I had so much fun shooting the JotStory Launch Party!



to see more pictures from the party.

If you’ve never heard of JotStory, here you go :

“Everyone has a story. Our lives are humorous, depressing, exciting, boring, adventurous, and unexpected — sometimes all in the same day. Our experiences shape who we are, but it’s not the events in our lives that make a difference, it’s how we respond to them. JotStory captures both the events and our musings in a meaningful way, providing a plotted journey that we can reflect on and share.

JotStory is a free online program that documents, organizes and displays life events through a calendar-driven interface. Users can upload photos, write daily entries and categorize them through an efficient and sleek design that makes viewing, organizing, analyzing, and sharing with others easy and fun. Jot your story and capture your personal, professional, and spiritual life in a way you can always remember. Because forgetting isn’t an option.”

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